Image Why is peace a must for humanity?

Why is peace a must for humanity?

Having the same rank as food and freedom, peace is of a great importance in human life. A life without peace is not a real life. Nowadays, some people are deprived of their freedom and live in misery in a battlefield. For such people, peace is the only thing that they need most in the world.

That is probably the reason why the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, transmits messages of peace so that those people do not lose their hope. In addition, through the foundation which is also named after him, Prem Rawat undertakes humanitarian aids in order to promote peacekeeping.

Why is peace a must for humanity?

Peace is synonymous with security for humanity

Peace is a vital need for humanity. If conflicts are prevalent, it is impossible for a nation or a region to develop economically, socially, or financially. In other words, human security is dependent on mutual peace. Consequently, it is vital that the international organizations' and representative bodies' struggle for peace be usually maintained regardless of the needs of each country.

In fact, peace is the only way for those in-conflict countries to ensure sustainable development for the current and future generations.

Peace guarantees freedom

Peace and freedom are interrelated. They are inseparable. To enhance the right to be free, we first need to make sure that the society be peaceful. Such a logic is proved by the good relationship within the society. This implies that peace leads to harmonious life and it gives individuals a sense of good manners. The aim is to make every member of the society free to undertake any actions.

Conflict worsens the situation

When we are faced with challenges in our society, we usually come to the conclusion that we will never be able to resolve the problem by engaging in a conflict.

Moreover, even if we manage to settle the matter through diplomacy, we can't ignore the casualties and material losses caused by the war. In fact, wars, battles and conflicts usually end up in a failure. On the other hand, peace enables to resolve the problem differently. We can resort to negotiations and debates to reach an agreement or a consensus.

Nowadays, the globalization of exchanges has led to the reconciliation among nations. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid any conflict to prevent a war from breaking out.

Conflict hinders development

For some time, it must be admitted that in a region where there is no peace, there is also no development. In fact, a conflict aims to define a balance of power in order to single out the winner. In fact, during a conflict, all participants only keep their eyes on the prize.

Thus, it is sad to see that development work is set aside. It is common knowledge that development opportunities are annihilated due to conflicts. To dissolve such a problem, it is irrefutable to take several peacekeeping initiatives in order to restore serenity. In other words, life in harmony is what the world needs most.