How to act for peace as a citizen?

How to act for peace as a citizen?

Mutual peace can only be found in the community. Besides, the inner peace is completely different from the previously talked one. However, everyone must consider that the state of mutual peace must be prioritized. It is the main source of freedom, security and different situations in the world.

This is the principal reason why Prem Rawat, a peace messenger, works hard in order to maintain and secure the peace all across the globe. To do so, he also founded an organization deemed “Prem Rawat”. Being a citizen plays an important role in establishing peace in every nation.

How to act for peace as a citizen?

Living in interdependence

It is essential that living in solidarity be the first thing to reflect on to have a peaceful community. Whether in a society, or in a social class, or in a region, or in a country, or even in the world, if a citizen wants to live peacefully in his community, marginalization must be banned forever.

He also must be able to express himself and listen to the others; so that his fellow citizens respect him and follow his pathway. Solidarity is a social action which is based on interdependence of each member of the society.

Do not break the laws and the policies ruling the society

It is important to state that every harmonious and peaceful society has laws which govern it. Civilization permits all of the existing societies to respect some rules at the present time. Centering everyone's actions on the general interest is a high stake of these policies. It is prohibited to disturb the others in what they do.

This is how rules were made. As a civilian, a living person must follow every single word composing the rules and regulations; in order to have a harmonious life and to maintain peace.

Fighting for the cause of peace

Fighting for establishing peace is clearly a pacific manifestation which is against any type of violence. In contrary, many people spread messages, actions and other sensitization just to persuade the others that violence is not the best key solution at all. Some of those who act cruelly and brutally do not mind their own behavior and its side effects on the society.

By the way, some of these manners can be disastrous for the mutual peace. The role of a good citizen is to show them the best example in their surroundings area, in other words, the best attitude everyone should opt for establishing and preserving peace.

Prevent actions which can be noxious for peace in the world

There are several organizations which work for the preservation of a peaceful society. They can be either non-governmental or link with the government. They work both in international and global level. The principal responsibility of the good citizen fighting for establishing peace is to prevent them against any threatening situation.

There can be myriads of circumstances which possibly threat peace through the globe including terrorism attack, criminal actions, civil wars or even marches and strikes. If a person has all of the information concerning any threats, he must get in touch with these organizations or the authorities in order to avoid anything which keeps the world from peaceful life.

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